1965 - 1974

As Sideman


With Duke

1957 - 1964

Recordings with Duke Ellington

Paul Gonsalves remained with Duke Ellington almost continuously from November 1950 until his death in July 1974. As such, a complete list of Paul's recordings with the Duke Ellington Orchestra is nothing more than a complete discography of Duke Ellington. Given Ellington's profligacy, compiling such a discography is potentially a huge undertaking. Thankfully, a number of excellent websites are currently active that present Ellington discographies - I refer the reader to some of the best;







We have extracted a subset of Duke's discography from the above sources (and others), containing recordings made by Paul Gonsalves as a member of the orchestra. Please click on the year of interest to view the basic details.

In the highlights section, some examples of the best of Paul's work within the Ellington organisation are identified. This is non-exhaustive and very subjective, but can act as a good starting point for exploring the way in which Ellington used Paul's talents.