Paul Gonsalves

Master Musician 1920 - 1974

Paul Gonsalves - A Gentle Giant

By Bruce Crowther

Into Jazz, June 1974

Conversation with Paul Gonsalves

By Stanley Dance

Paul Gonsalves Remembered

By Art Luby

Memories of Paul

By Art Luby

Ellingtonia, Vol. XXVIII, Number 8, November 2010

Paul Gonsalves

By Barry McRae

Jazz Journal, Vol. 16, Number 7, July 1963

Time and the Tenor

By Graham Colombe

The Trials & Tribulations of Paul Gonsalves

By Mike hennessey

Paul Gonsalves - In my Opinion

By Sinclair Traill

Portrait of Paul

By Pete Welding

Downbeat Magazine, February 1963